Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Someone" is watching over us

We were in a pretty traumatic accident on the way to school on Kylar's birthday. I was driving down a busy road to get on the freeway, when I heard a little voice in my head say, "Someone is going to turn left in front of you." I started slamming on my breaks, and sure enough as I was going through the intersection someone turned left right in front of me. There was a line of cars in the left hand turn lane out in the intersection and she couldn't see me. We smashed right into each other. The air bags went off and it was completely silent in our car. It was like there was a sense of peace that came over the kids. Not one of the kids cried or screamed or anything. Bostyn said, "Did we just get in an accident?" It's weird what your body does when it goes into shock. I didn't react the way I thought I would in an accident. I did go into complete shock. The battery fell out of the car and we were in the middle of the intersection.  I had to get out of the car in the intersection during rush hour and try to get my kids out. The doors wouldn't open because the battery wasn't connected.  The nicest people in the world stopped to help us. I couldn't believe how many people stopped what they were doing and came over. The nicest man climbed in my car and pulled all my kids out and passed them to me. I walked each one over to the sidewalk. Two firetrucks showed up. They had to take everyone's vitals. The paramedics couldn't find my pulse, so they had to hook me up to a machine.  It was a crazy experience.  Something that I never want to have to go through again. 

 The firemen were so nice. They were so good with the kids. Multiple people came out from nearby shops and gave our kids treats. The nicest lady from a salon took all the kids inside and let them watch tv and gave them food and drinks. I can't believe all the kindness.

 This is the guy that pulled all my kids out of the car.

 I got a few injuries, including this burn. One of the firemen saw me take this picture and said, "You don't need to smile. You just got in a traumatic accident." It's weird what your body does to cope with something traumatic.

 Trey's car is not big enough to hold 5 car seats, so they called the fire van to take us home.

 The kids loved riding in that.

I wish I knew the names of the people that helped us and I could send them something to thank them. I was overwhelmed with how kind everyone was. Typing this up brings tears to my eyes. The whole experience was overwhelming. I know that we were protected. It could have ended up a lot worse.  I'm grateful my kids were all safe. The timing of this accident couldn't have been worse. It happened the week before we were supposed to close on our house. Our car ended up getting totaled.  We had so much to do with moving into our new home that I drove a rental car for a few weeks before we had time to get a new car. It was an unfortunate experience but we were definitely blessed and taken care of.

March random stuff

 These girls were pretty excited to dress up their brother.

Poop explosion!

Blaze cracks me up with food. Well not all food, because some meals I can't even get him to come into the room. But when it's something he likes, watch out. Before I even managed to bring his plate to the table he had already taken some bites out of his cinnamon roll.

Beckett loves this car.

Bostyn tried to climb to the top of this structure, but her first attempts she tried to climb up the blue poles.  She asked if she could get to the top. I told her she could she just had to keep trying and working at it. She soon discovered it was easier to climb up the black ropes instead of the poles. She eventually worked her way to the top. She was so proud of herself. When she did it she exclaimed, "Mommy you said I could do it, and I just kept practicing." That smile says it all.

These boys started preschool. This was not their first day. It was just a meeting we had with their teacher so they could meet her and see the classroom.  They insisted on bringing their backpacks.

Kylar started reading scriptures in the car on the way to school.  She asked me one day, "Mommy, do we learn from the scriptures?" When I told her we did that made her want to read even more.

We celebrated our Anniversary.

Someone took a chunk of cookie before I had a chance to decorate it.

Then I found this broken.

Then green food coloring everywhere.

This all went down by 8 am one morning.

Oh and this that same morning.

Some last minute green pancakes for St. Patrick's Day.

Zane helping me cook.

Trey and I had a cinnamon sugar toast cook-off.  Ha! My toast won, btw.

Kylar made this rocket ship and I thought it was pretty creative.

One day I heard Bostyn say, "It smells like poop." Then followed by screaming. "Poop is exploding out of Beckett's diaper!!!" Ha! Seriously gross!

Beckett at 11 months

And the stickers are back! Ha. One of the first things I did when we got into our new house was find the stickers so I could do Beckett's 11 month pictures. I was so happy! You can see how happy he was about it!




We are so lucky this happy boy is ours!!!